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Nora Fitzgerald

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As a mother of five kids and passionate traveller myself I often found myself struggling to find a vacation that allowed us to experience the relaxation and luxury that I heard so many of my peers talking about at a price that we as a family could afford.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and over the years with many failed attempts to find value for money from all the big-name travel agencies I began to arrange and book our own family vacations.

As the kids grew so did the complexity of the trips, multi-stop, multi-city, multi-country! I found myself spending hours upon hours staring at a screen trying to make sense of it all, but it worked, we saved a lot of money that we could use to travel more!

Over time I became the adviser for all my family and friends when it came to booking holidays and they all found the same thing it can be exhausting trawling the Internet looking for the right deal at the right time.

In 2021 I established NFExpeditions. Setting up a travel company in the middle of a global pandemic seemed like a crazy idea but I thought at the time “ People will want to travel again once this is all over ” and I was right!

Now I want to ensure that everyone gets the chance to experience travel the way myself and my family have. Whether that’s a Luxury Cruise on the Mediterranean or quick City Break in Barcelona, NFExpeditions is here to ensure that everyone gets the best value for money while still experiencing the luxury you so very much deserve.

Bon Voyage!